Pharmaceutical Care of Antibiotics e-learning

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What exactly is pharmaceutical care?

"The responsible provision of drug therapy for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes that improve a patient's quality of life." Hepler CD and Strand LM. Opportunities and responsibilities in pharmaceutical care. American Journal of Health Systems Pharmacy 1990; 47: 533-543

Despite the name, we should not think of pharmaceutical care as being solely the responsibility of the Pharmacist. Multidisciplinary cooperation is required to ensure the best possible use of drugs in clinical practice for the benefit of patients.

For more background information on the principles of pharmaceutical care see the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association Statement on Pharmaceutical Care.

This package will seek to explore how we should apply the principles of pharmaceutical care to the treatment of patients with infections. The information is of course not exhaustive and the package will often direct the user to further sources of reputable information for background reading and use in practice. Many of the points covered will be transferable to other kinds of drugs, not just antibiotics.

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